We create artful experiences to
push the global culture forward.

Chris Shen x zzz: Spectras

Coco Capitan x Vogue KR Gucci Feelings

Akinola Davies Jr. x sketchedSPACE HOD

Petra Cortright x Doota BGXDR

sketchedSPACE x Sundae School DSB at NYMD

Sambypen x Doota Mischievous Christmas 2017-8

Taeho Kim x Doota Utropia

Jiyen Lee x Sundae School Catharsis Pop-up

Jiyen Lee x Doota MWYV

Zinsu Han x Dongdaemoon Future Foundation Memory Flower

Vogue Korea x sketchedSPACE 21st Anniversary

Mazen Alfeel x Art Embassy Invisible Hand



Founded in 2017 with the vision to change the way people experience art through immersive audience engagement, sketchedSPACE is a global community of artists, brands, creatives, and contemporary thought leaders who tell stories that matter around the world.

We are inspired by the concept of gyeong-gye-in (경계인), or marginal man. Marginal man, in academic definition, is someone who grows up experiencing cultural conflicts because he or she is from two or more different environments. We think our generation is made up of more hybrids than ever – of different medium, creative expressions, and worldview, just to name a few.

sketchedSPACE spearheads this movement of, by, and for the cultural hybrids. We are most comfortable at boundaries where different mediums collide and create something new.